Park Rules

Park Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Rules for All Recreational Facilities

  1. Hours of Operation of the Recreational Amenities are daylight hours, seven (7) days a week.
  2. No tobacco use in the Facilities, including the areas immediately surrounding each of these Facilities, except as otherwise designated.
  3. No fireworks or pyrotechnics.
  4. No person shall possess or carry a firearm within the Facilities unless the person is licensed to possess and carry a handgun under Government Code, Chapter 411, Subchapter H, and is in possession of and/or carrying the handgun in compliance with all applicable laws.
  5. No person shall hunt any animal or shoot, fire or discharge any pistol, shotgun or rifle, other firearm, air gun or archery arrow in, on, along or across any of the Recreational Amenities.
  6. No person shall fish in the Recreational Amenities containing water.
  7. No excessively loud music at any time at the Recreational Amenities, nor any other use of the Facilities that might unduly affect or disturb the residences that neighbor the Facilities.
  8. No person shall throw or otherwise dispose of any trash or litter in any Facility except in the containers provided therefore.
  9. All refuse must be disposed of in the proper receptacles.
  10. No unauthorized signs.
  11. No profanity or otherwise inappropriate behavior.
  12. No hitting golf balls.
  13. Where allowed, pets must be on a leash or restrained at all times at all Facilities not designated as a “pet run” or “dog park” area. All pet owners are responsible for any damage caused by their pets and for cleaning up after their pets.
  14. No person shall play any game of baseball, football, golf, cricket, lacrosse, polo, soccer, kickball, hockey or other game of like character in the Facilities except at the places designated.
  15. No person shall dump any debris, junk, garbage, waste, fill or other material onto the Facilities or the adjacent water areas.
  16. No person shall gamble, or conduct or operate any bingo, lottery or other games of chance within the Recreational Amenities.
  17. No person shall bring into or upon the Recreational Amenities, or have in their possession while therein or thereupon any glass receptacles including but not limited to glass bottles, glass jars, drinking glasses or other glass containers of any kind. The prohibition of glass containers shall not apply to baby bottles, baby food jars, glass lined vacuum bottles and glass lined picnic beverage coolers.
  18. No person shall build or cause to be built any fires within the Recreational Amenities.
  19. No person shall drive or propel any vehicle over or through the Recreational Amenities except along or upon Recreational Amenities drives, parkways or boulevards; this includes, but is not limited to, motor vehicles, motorcycles,
    bicycles, tricycles, scooters, skateboards, segways, etc.
  20. No person shall ride or drive any horse or other animal over or through the Recreational Amenities.
  21. No person shall tease, annoy, molest, catch or throw any stone, object or missile of any kind at, or strike with any stick, object or weapon, any person, animal, fowl or fish in the Recreational Amenities.
  22. No person shall walk, stand or sit on or in any border, flower bed, monument, vase, fountain, railing or fence in the Recreational Amenities unless it is clearly designed or designated for such purpose.
  23. No person shall remove or cut any flower, shrub, vine, tree or other plant in the Recreational Amenities without the written permission of a District Representative.
  24. No person shall fish in the Recreational Amenities containing water.
  25. No alcohol is allowed at any Recreational Amenity.

Guest Policies

  1. The purpose of these policies is to prevent a Guest from misusing the Facilities.
  2. Guests are subject to all rules, policies and guidelines provided in these Rules and Regulations.
  3. It is requested that all Guests do not interfere with Residents use of the Recreational Amenities.

Rules for Dog Park

  1. Hours of Operation are daylight hours, seven (7) days a week.
  2. All Rules for all Recreational Amenities also apply to the Dog Park
  3. Owners are liable for damage or injury inflicted by their dog(s). This means owners are legally and financially responsible for their dog’s behavior. The District has no liability or responsibility for injuries or loss in the dog park.
  4. Limit of two (2) dogs per person per visit.
  5. Dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated with registration and rabies tags displayed on each dog’s collar.
  6. Dogs must be leashed before entering and upon leaving the dog park as well as in the transition corridor but must be off-leash within the confines of the dog park. Owners must have a visible leash for each dog at all times.
  7. Owners must have visible pet waste disposal materials at all times and must collect and properly dispose of dog fecal matter in a garbage receptacle.
  8. Owners must be in verbal and sight control of their dog(s) at all times and prevent aggressive behavior, biting, fighting and aggressive barking. Dog(s) shall never be left unattended.
  9. Dogs with a known history of dangerous or aggressive behavior are prohibited. Dog(s) found to be aggressive must be immediately escorted out of the Dog Park by its owner.
  10. No puppies under four (4) months of age are allowed in the Dog Park.
  11. No female dogs in heat are allowed in the Dog Park.
  12. No children age 12 or younger are allowed in the Dog Park. Children ages 13 through 17 must be accompanied by an adult. Permitted children must be supervised by the adult and behave appropriately: No running, shouting, chasing dogs, or petting other people’s dogs without the owner’s permission.
  13. No food, for dogs or humans, is allowed in the Dog Park.
  14. No other types of animals are permitted in the Dog Park.
  15. No use of any type of vehicle is permitted within the gated areas of the Dog Park.