Your Water Bill Explained

Have you ever wondered what fees and charges comprise your water bill? In addition to the amounts charged for water and sewer usage, you will see items for the security fee and the West Harris County Regional Water Authority (“WHCRWA”) pumpage fee. Additional information about these charges can also be found in the FAQ.

  • Security fee
    • Currently, the security fee is $6.00 per month per equivalent single-family connection.
  • WHCRWA pumpage fee
    • The WHCRWA assesses fees to Trail of the Lakes Municipal Utility District (the “District”) for every 1,000 gallons of groundwater pumped from the District’s water wells. The WHCRWA fees are passed on to District’s customers based upon usage and at the rates charged by the WHCRWA.  The WHCRWA pumpage fee per 1,000 gallons typically increases annually. Click here to learn more about why the cost of water continues to increase. For more information about WHCRWA, please visit
  • Garbage/Recycling charge
    • This cost is included in your sewer rate.  The District’s Board of Directors works to ensure that the District is receiving great garbage service at a competitive price.