Notice of Stage 2 Drought Conditions

The West Harris County Regional Water Authority (Authority) has activated Stage 2 of its Drought Contingency Plan effective September 6, 2023. Drought conditions in our region continue and have worsened. Groundwater usage within the Authority has risen dramatically. The Authority has determined that implementing Stage 2 is necessary to facilitate compliance with the Harris Galveston Subsidence District requirements.

Under Stage 2:

  • All water users are asked to voluntarily reduce their water usage.
  • All GRP Participants (including municipalities and districts on groundwater or surface water) are asked to implement one or more drought response measures in their respective Drought Contingency Plan.

The Authority’s operator will initiate weekly contact with water users having water supply commitments to discuss water supply and/or demand conditions. Water use will continue to be monitored. Another notice will be issued by the Authority if the drought stage changes.

Thank you for your cooperation. Drought conditions impact all of us. Please stay informed, use common sense, and avoid wasting water.

Smart Meters Are Here!

Contractors for Trail of the Lakes MUD have begun the installation of Smart Water Meters for each property in the District, installing them from the northwest to the southeast boundaries of the District.

These meters will ultimately enable every customer to see how much water they are using throughout the day, week, and month. When the smart metering capability begins to function, by downloading an app and connecting to your meter, you will be able to see your usage and even set notifications if the meter senses a continuous water flow through the meter which could indicate a possible internal leak on your property.

The meters will also enable the District to proactively monitor usage throughout the District, which in turn would allow the District’s Operator, Si Environmental, to contact customers when a possible leak is detected.

If you have any problems with your water connection, please contact Si at 832-490-1600 (local) or 877-382-7414 (toll free).

NOTICE: Stage 1 Drought Conditions

Due to current drought conditions in the Houston area, the District requests that all customers immediately begin implementing the following voluntary water reductions:

  • All outdoor water usage* shall be limited as follows:
    • Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays for single family residential customers with even-numbered street addresses.
    • Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays for single family residential customers with odd-numbered street addresses.
    • Outdoor water usage prohibited between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
    • *Outdoor water usage shall include but not be limited to, lawn and garden watering, car washing and window washing.

Click here to view the District’s Amended Drought Contingency Plan.

Please visit the West Harris County Regional Water Authority website at for more information on Stage 1 Drought Conditions.